UK CBT Online: Why I Recommend It

cbt-onlineI consider the online sessions with my CBT therapist one of the best things, and not just when coronavirus hit the United Kingdom earlier this year.

Fortunately, the therapist that I choose always offered the option you CBT sessions over the Internet though back then I didn’t really care much about this, to be honest.

In March, pretty much as soon as coronavirus hit the UK in full force, my therapist switched to online CBT exclusively. I was a little bit sceptical at first, but let me tell you that it took only a couple of sessions to have me entirely convinced. Here’s some of the advantages that I see from CBT online exposed to in-person visits:

* That one is obviously the most obvious benefit: I do not need to leave the house to see my therapist. It may not be “in person”, all right, but to be honest to do the sessions online makes very little difference in my opinion.

*Doing the sessions online means also that it’s a lot more flexible than it had been before. Say that for whatever reason I (or my therapist ) can’t do a session at a certain time, rescheduling is now a lot easier. Sometimes we can do them the same day just a little bit later or schedule them for the next day. No big deal at all!

* No stress going there either by car or on the bus. My therapist here in London isn’t too far away, but still. It’s just so much easier and more convenient to do the sessions at home

*And, lastly, the most obvious benefit: Not needing to go outside means less risk of contracting the virus!

Bottom line: If your therapist is offering UK CBT online, you should definitely jump on the opportunity! It’s definitely worth it and perfect especially in these turbulent times!

More resources on CBT can be found at

Private Schools in the UK

private-schools-uk-better-earningsIf you want the best education for your children, you may want to consider a private independently operated school.

The United Kingdom has a long history of good private schools which means that you fortunately won’t have to look long to find one of these.

What are the advantages of a private school?

Among the many advantages for independent schools in the UK is that the classes are on average a lot smaller as compared to public schools. This is significant because it means that teachers can better dedicate to individual students, in particular those who require some additional help.

Smaller classes can likewise have a beneficial effect on the students because it means less distractions and simply poses a much better learning environment.

A number of private schools in the United Kingdom has a such a good reputation that the simple mentioning of attendance of  these schools on a job application can significantly increase the odds of getting hired. Rest assured, should there be several candidates for a particular opening, the applicant who visited the private school will likely get the job. This is also confirmed by recent statistics in the UK that found that most professionals visited a private school in the past.

For more information how a private school can help maximise your children’s career chances, you can check here to read all about it.

Run Your Business With Open Source Software To Save Money

For a small business, obtaining several suites of professional business software can quickly become a major expense.

It starts with the fact that you will need to buy a licensed copy of Microsoft Windows for all your office PCs. What’s next would be purchasing Microsoft office since obviously no modern business today can be without MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint and so forth.

You blink twice and you’ll have spent a fortune in no time.

But you don’t have to because you could substitute most of your software with entirely fee Open Source Software. Open source software today has come a long way. They can replace your MS Office suite and you will have the same functionality without having to spend a lot of money.

You can start here at and at to get an overview about what software is available.

About The Singing Waiters

The UK’s Singing Waiters from the Secret Singers are a fantastic surprise entertainment act. Now, at the start of summer, you can see the guys performing in many places in the United Kingdom. If you’re in a big city like London or Manchester, chances are good you will come across the Secret Singers doing one of their famous flashmob performances.

But the Secret Singer’s specialty is when they perform at private events like birthdays or weddings where people book the group to appear as “Singing Waiters”. As you can possibly guess, they call themselves “the Singing Waiters” since they’re dressed as waiters, but they can also dress up as security guys and many others. The idea here is that no-one knows when they’re actually present at the event, when they start with their show it’s always a big surprise for everyone. (Now you know why this is called “surprise entertainment”)

I really love this guys and I hope you can see them yourself! You definitely need to check them out!

Fire Safety In The UK: A ‘Hot’ Topic

Fire safety and prevention in the United Kingdom is always a ‘hot’ topic. This should become clear once you realize that fires in our nation cause billions of personal and material damage every year. It is actually disheartening if you realize that a large portion of those injuries and damages could have been prevented, sometimes with rather simple fire prevention methods.

Fire Safety In The UKMost of the time, the reason why fires still break out and cause staggering damages is because of neglect and greed.

A typical example would be those irresponsible ‘landlords’ in the major cities in the UK, London being the prime example.

Those ‘landlords’ rent out poor accommodations, mostly to immigrants from other countries. More often than not, those rentals lack anything in terms of safety and fire prevention measures.

Those irresponsible landlords don’t see it necessary to spend a few bucks on a smoke-alarm or fire extinguishers, let alone the would spend the money to have gas lines or electricity maintained or repaired. This is a big problem in London.

Once a fire breaks out, the lives of many are at stake.

Fire safety is also always a “hot topic” when it comes to commercial structures and fire safety in public buildings. Here at least the UK’s strict fire regulations help because certain fire prevention systems are mandatory by law.

* Dry Riser Systems

Dry riser systems are required once a commercial building exceeds a certain height. With those systems, a fire brigade can connect to the dry riser inlets in the event of a fire to distribute water all throughout the structure. The fire brigade can then access the water at the numerous dry riser outlets within the building. What’s important to know here is that having a dry riser system installed is not enough. How would you know it actually works properly in case there is a fire?

Those systems require regular maintenance and dry riser testing. Those dry riser tests are performed by qualified firms. A look into the yellow pages may often be sufficient if you’re looking for a contractor that can do those tests.

I found it worthy to mention here since operating a successful business means also to be aware of current safety standards and regulations. Your business profit should NOT be your first priority. Safety should always come first!



Finding a Good Fitness Gym in London

My wife loves her Yoga and Pilates classes. As for myself, I also started to get interested in going to the gym, mainly for reasons to lose the one or the other pound or simply to get in shape before summer.

Pilates HackneyThe problem is just that it has become quite difficult to find a good gym in London.

Today it’s all about quantity over quality when you look at the many new gyms.

A good example here is if you go over the ads of fitness studios or read any of their flyers.

They advertise big about their low membership prices as if this would be the most important thing.

I ask, what’s better? A gym that will cost you five bucks per month but doesn’t offer anything special or a gym that might cost a little more but then has a much better variety on classes available and most importantly friendly staff.

Not that long ago you were able to get a lot when you had a gym membership. You could visit the gym and use their equipment, obviously, but also often had access to a swimming pool, bar or sauna. Some of those good gyms even had free juices for everyone who visited. It was totally normal that you could watch TV while you did your exercises.

This has all changed today. You pay a little less but then you sacrifice a lot of those cool things we had in the past. In other words, ultimately you get much less for your money than you did just a few years ago.

The above, along with other things is that we started to really take our time finding and selecting a good gym. We don’t like any of those large gym chains. The smaller ones are simply better, if you ask me. I like Pilates Hackney in East London, this is a good example of a gym where we feel that we’re getting our money’s worth.


On Horse Racing Tips

Horse racing in the United Kingdom can actually be a nice way to  have a second income. That is, if one doesn’t make grave mistakes while betting such as betting money they can’t really afford to lose.

While horse racing is overall still a gamble where normally the odds of winning and losing are equal, some things can be done to increase the odds of winning as opposed to just relying on pure luck.

horse-racing-large-2The key here is to approach horse racing with a good betting strategy and expert racing tips.

The good thing about horse racing is that this is one form of gamble which unlike a lottery or similar form of gamble does actually allow people to get informed which in-turn can allow them to increase their chances at winning.

(Obviously this doesn’t work with a lottery where the numbers drawn are always purely random and don’t follow any observable pattern.)

Horse races instead make it possible that we take a closer look at why and how a certain horse or jockey is winning.

Horse racing results are not random. A horse and its jockey wins because it’s the best in a particular race, simply spoken. They key now is to know which horse and jockey per each particular race has the highest chances of winning and to know where not to spend your money.

And this is exactly what horse racing and betting professionals do. Some of them may have studied the races and all the teams for many years. They know which combination does well on what sort of track, under what circumstances.

Now, for a normal person, acquiring all this insider racing-information would require a long time. But you don’t have to spend this time when you want to predict racing results. Today, you can get proven betting advice from dedicated websites where horse racing professionals share their tips with others. What this means is that horse racing today can be something where everyone, not only betting professionals can actually win. The key is simply to separate the unreliable betting advice from those that work.