About The Singing Waiters

The UK’s Singing Waiters from the Secret Singers are a fantastic surprise entertainment act. Now, at the start of summer, you can see the guys performing in many places in the United Kingdom. If you’re in a big city like London or Manchester, chances are good you will come across the Secret Singers doing one of their famous flashmob performances.

But the Secret Singer’s specialty is when they perform at private events like birthdays or weddings where people book the group to appear as “Singing Waiters”. As you can possibly guess, they call themselves “the Singing Waiters” since they’re dressed as waiters, but they can also dress up as security guys and many others. The idea here is that no-one knows when they’re actually present at the event, when they start with their show it’s always a big surprise for everyone. (Now you know why this is called “surprise entertainment”)

I really love this guys and I hope you can see them yourself! You definitely need to check them out!