Finding a Good Fitness Gym in London

My wife loves her Yoga and Pilates classes. As for myself, I also started to get interested in going to the gym, mainly for reasons to lose the one or the other pound or simply to get in shape before summer.

Pilates HackneyThe problem is just that it has become quite difficult to find a good gym in London.

Today it’s all about quantity over quality when you look at the many new gyms.

A good example here is if you go over the ads of fitness studios or read any of their flyers.

They advertise big about their low membership prices as if this would be the most important thing.

I ask, what’s better? A gym that will cost you five bucks per month but doesn’t offer anything special or a gym that might cost a little more but then has a much better variety on classes available and most importantly friendly staff.

Not that long ago you were able to get a lot when you had a gym membership. You could visit the gym and use their equipment, obviously, but also often had access to a swimming pool, bar or sauna. Some of those good gyms even had free juices for everyone who visited. It was totally normal that you could watch TV while you did your exercises.

This has all changed today. You pay a little less but then you sacrifice a lot of those cool things we had in the past. In other words, ultimately you get much less for your money than you did just a few years ago.

The above, along with other things is that we started to really take our time finding and selecting a good gym. We don’t like any of those large gym chains. The smaller ones are simply better, if you ask me. I like Pilates Hackney in East London, this is a good example of a gym where we feel that we’re getting our money’s worth.