Fire Safety In The UK: A ‘Hot’ Topic

Fire safety and prevention in the United Kingdom is always a ‘hot’ topic. This should become clear once you realize that fires in our nation cause billions of personal and material damage every year. It is actually disheartening if you realize that a large portion of those injuries and damages could have been prevented, sometimes with rather simple fire prevention methods.

Fire Safety In The UKMost of the time, the reason why fires still break out and cause staggering damages is because of neglect and greed.

A typical example would be those irresponsible ‘landlords’ in the major cities in the UK, London being the prime example.

Those ‘landlords’ rent out poor accommodations, mostly to immigrants from other countries. More often than not, those rentals lack anything in terms of safety and fire prevention measures.

Those irresponsible landlords don’t see it necessary to spend a few bucks on a smoke-alarm or fire extinguishers, let alone the would spend the money to have gas lines or electricity maintained or repaired. This is a big problem in London.

Once a fire breaks out, the lives of many are at stake.

Fire safety is also always a “hot topic” when it comes to commercial structures and fire safety in public buildings. Here at least the UK’s strict fire regulations help because certain fire prevention systems are mandatory by law.

* Dry Riser Systems

Dry riser systems are required once a commercial building exceeds a certain height. With those systems, a fire brigade can connect to the dry riser inlets in the event of a fire to distribute water all throughout the structure. The fire brigade can then access the water at the numerous dry riser outlets within the building. What’s important to know here is that having a dry riser system installed is not enough. How would you know it actually works properly in case there is a fire?

Those systems require regular maintenance and dry riser testing. Those dry riser tests are performed by qualified firms. A look into the yellow pages may often be sufficient if you’re looking for a contractor that can do those tests.

I found it worthy to mention here since operating a successful business means also to be aware of current safety standards and regulations. Your business profit should NOT be your first priority. Safety should always come first!