UK CBT Online: Why I Recommend It

cbt-onlineI consider the online sessions with my CBT therapist one of the best things, and not just when coronavirus hit the United Kingdom earlier this year.

Fortunately, the therapist that I choose always offered the option you CBT sessions over the Internet though back then I didn’t really care much about this, to be honest.

In March, pretty much as soon as coronavirus hit the UK in full force, my therapist switched to online CBT exclusively. I was a little bit sceptical at first, but let me tell you that it took only a couple of sessions to have me entirely convinced. Here’s some of the advantages that I see from CBT online exposed to in-person visits:

* That one is obviously the most obvious benefit: I do not need to leave the house to see my therapist. It may not be “in person”, all right, but to be honest to do the sessions online makes very little difference in my opinion.

*Doing the sessions online means also that it’s a lot more flexible than it had been before. Say that for whatever reason I (or my therapist ) can’t do a session at a certain time, rescheduling is now a lot easier. Sometimes we can do them the same day just a little bit later or schedule them for the next day. No big deal at all!

* No stress going there either by car or on the bus. My therapist here in London isn’t too far away, but still. It’s just so much easier and more convenient to do the sessions at home

*And, lastly, the most obvious benefit: Not needing to go outside means less risk of contracting the virus!

Bottom line: If your therapist is offering UK CBT online, you should definitely jump on the opportunity! It’s definitely worth it and perfect especially in these turbulent times!

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